Sunday, February 20, 2011

Butterick B4822 – Part 3


Hi everyone! Today we’re going to cover steps 9-11 of the bag instructions. I would like to apologize in advance that my pics are a little smaller today, Blogger is just not cooperating! :-(

Fold your pocket (pattern piece 3) in half crosswise, right sides together, and stitch. You need to leave an opening on the bottom in order to turn the pocket inside out later. My opening is about 3-4 inches long and I marked it with red arrows. The pattern doesn't tell you to do this, but clip the corners before turning the pocket, like I did, to reduce bulk! The black arrows show you how I clipped the corners. Do NOT cut through your stitches! :-)

Turn the pocket right side out and use a pointy instrument to push the corners out. At this point the pattern instructs you to slipstitch the opening, but you don't need to do this! You will close the opening when you attach the pocket to the lining. I'll show you how to do this when we get to that step. Turn in the seam allowance from the opening and press your pocket really well.

Now you need to mark and make the darts. Place your pattern piece on the pocket and use pins to mark the location of the darts on the pocket.

Lift the pattern piece and mark the holes made by the pins with disappearing ink.

To make the darts, connect the two bottom markings of each dart and fold as I show you below. Pin the darts. The pattern tells you to stitch the darts but I opted not to do that.

Now place pattern piece 4 (lining) on the right side of one of your lining pieces. Those three circles at the top show you where the pocket should be placed. Mark the pocket placement with pins and disappearing ink just like you did with the pocket darts.

Remove pattern piece 4 and pin the pocket to the lining. As you can see I goofed and placed the darts on the right instead of on the left. No biggie.

Starting on the top right side of the pocket, stitch it all around the sides and the bottom. You obviously don't stitch it on the top, otherwise you wouldn't have a pocket! :-) As you stitch, you will also close the opening, so you kill two birds with a stone.

Now you need to stitch from top to bottom to make two compartments in the pocket. To make sure that this seam is straight, press the centermost dart fold down and pin it near the top of the pocket. Now take a look at the red arrow. I aligned the right side of my presser foot with this fold. Stitch close to the fold all the way to the bottom of the pocket.

This is how your pocket looks after you're done. Isn't it pretty?

I tried to be as clear as possible, but I may have goofed somewhere, so please ask me any questions!

The next step is to attach the lining to the bag. Stay tuned!!

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