Monday, February 14, 2011

Butterick B4822 – Part 2

¿Are you ready to continue with your bag? Today we’re going to put the exterior together and also think about how we’re going to install the handles. Let’s get to work!


Today we’re going to cover steps 6-8 of the bag instructions. Now would be a good time to apply some kind of trim to the bottom of the bag, which I didn’t do. That’s why I am skipping step 5.

Take the second front piece (the one without the front pocket) and your pattern, and use pins to mark the big circles on both sides (see the arrows pointing at my pins?). Place this front piece on top of the other one (the one WITH the pocket), right sides together, y secure with pins all around the bottom from circle to circle. Now stitch both pieces (remember: 1/2” seam allowance).


Here you see my stitching line in blue thread and below, in green, the pocket’s basting stitches. Remember I used a 1/4” seam allowance for this stitching? Now, when I turn the bag inside out, it will be out of sight!


Step 7 tells you to turn in the remaining seam allowance and press it. These are the margins above the circles, all the way to the top (the section that was left unsewn). Turn that half inch towards the wrong side of the fabric and press, on each side.


Here’s where my headache began. Now you’re supposed to insert the upper end of the front through one handle, turn it along the foldline (marked on the pattern) and machine stitch along the stitching line. Basically, you have to make a casing for the handle WITH THE HANDLE IN IT. Really?? The photo below shows the best scenario for this. Now try stitching that on your machine. Whoever can do it gets a medal!


So I decided to do some research. I looked online for tutorials on how to do this properly, without luck. I asked a nice lady on a sewing website how she made her bag, she told me to do it “slowly and carefully”. This didn’t help. I even thought about going to Joann’s for one of those classes where they help you with your project… I was ready to give up on this bag. It sat there for days, totally neglected. And then I thought: “what about opening and regluing the handles?” Enter my husband and his handy Dremel.


He made a nice clean cut and VOILA!

I know it is not the most orthodox method, but it was the best I could think of. Later on I’ll show you how to put the handles back together. Making the casing is so much easier this way!

Check back soon for the third installment of this series, where I’ll show you how to make and attach the lining pocket. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. See you soon!

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